Welcome to Western Colorado Heritage Jr. Rangers! This site was developed through a partnership between the Grand Junction Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Museums of Western Colorado. Together, we wanted to give kids access to their public lands, to their historical resources, and to the objects that the museum takes care of for the BLM as a part of our combined cultural heritage. We invited other area groups who play a part in our public lands, history, and education to form a collective designed to create an unparalleled resource for students and teachers on the Western Slope.

On this site, you will find material designed for students to explore and learn about our area, from its geology to its agricultural history and a bit of everything in between. Teachers will also find resources developed specifically for them; Information on kits they can check out, student programs run by our partners, and lesson plans are examples of what you can find. Through Western Slope Jr. Rangers, you can also find links to the education pages for all the partners.


So, explore, discover, learn and enjoy!

Grand Junction Field Office BLM

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Museum of Western Colorado

Colorado Canyons Association

Colorado National Monument